Sunday, January 3, 2010

NOTW And Other Things

Hello All! So I didn't get around to finishing my New Year's nail look, what can I say life got in the way. But here is a look at the nails I have been sporting most of the week.

The base color is Jade in the Shade by Nicole by OPI. I once again used my Hot Topic Black for the design.

I purchased this nail polish at Walmart. They had a display with about maybe 7 or 8 colors that are exclusive to Walmart. I also bought another polish from this collection called Gone Wishin', its a really cool purple, pink and blue glitter. I tried photgraphing the bottle but the colors weren't showing up, when I do a mani with it I will post the pics.

So I went to ULTA this past weekend to pick up some makeup and I was looking around the nail polish and there on a display for Nicole by OPI is an exact copy of Jade in the Shade, it was called Respect the World.

So yeah this polish look identical to the one I bought. So if you can't find this at Walmart you could try ULTA, or even an online retailer, this is on Amazon for $8.00. So yeah I guess its not exclusive, bunch of liars.

On a totally unrelated nail polish note, my Dad gave me a gift set from Lush for Christmas and now I am hooked. I had never heard of Lush before but I gotta say its amazing. They make fresh handmade products. I got a yummy yummy shower wash, a fairytale sugar scrub and a comforter buble bar. I loved all of the products, they smell amazing and the smell really lasts. If you are interested check out Also my gift came in the most adorable packaging!

Too cute! Anyway I want to try out Lush's shampoo and conditioner bars but I am a little skeptical, so maybe someone who has tried them can let me know how they worked out. That's all for now, I will be posting pics of my very special NOTW later!!


  1. I love argyle!! This is a gorgeous Nicole too - I don't see Nicole swatched too much, but I love their polishes.

    By the way, the name of your blog is ADORABLE and your cat is soo cute - she looks a lot like my Heidi (only Heidi tends to have a bit of a grouchy scowl most of the time, lol).

  2. Thanks! I just put my favorite color and name together and instant blog name. Cats can be tricky that way mine usually scowls when she sees the camera so I have to kind of sneak up on her to take pics

  3. It will be great to watch Pink, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.