Monday, January 4, 2010

All Organized, We'll See How Long It Lasts!

So, as part of my new year's resolution I decided to get organized. Actually this began a little before New Year's. As I was getting ready for a Christmas party I could not find the blush I wanted to use. So I spent about 10 frustrating minutes looking for my blush, thinking I had thrown it away by accident. After going through my piles of junk about 4 times I  realized it had been in front of my face the whole time. After this incident I vowed to become more organized. Here I was wasting precious getting ready time and not using cosmetics because I did not see them in my pile of crap. So began my organizing.

Since moving back home I have already redecorated my room and incorporated more shelves and drawers for all my clothes but my makeup was just kinda chillin' in various storage boxes and bags, it was not good. So I scoured youtube looking for cute and cheap ways to store my makeup and got tons of ideas. The awesomeness of youtube saved me. So a couple days of sorting and cleaning and now all my makeup is nicely organized.

Organized and Beautiful

Top Shelf

Bottom Shelf

I even organized my hair stuff

Cute Brush Holders ( I got this idea from youtube)

I also bought a nail polish rack off ebay to display all my lovelies. Apparently though I can't count or misjudged the size of my collection cause they didn't all fit :(. So the others had to go back in the drawer until I can purchase another one. 

So I am posting this as a reminder to myself to remain organized cause I think it will save me a lot of frustration in the future. Here's to hoping it remains this way.


  1. I just love those little label things you did for your clear plastic drawers! How did you do that?

  2. Thanks! It was actually really simple.I bought file folders that come in patterns instead of just plain manila, and fit them into the front of the drawers. I used wedding placecards I found on clearance at Michael's for the labels. By the way I loved your Cupcake ornaments!!