Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rainy Days and Nail Fail

Since it's raining out, today has become Nail Experiment Day!! I gotta say that I think only one of these really came out cute, so maybe more like Nail Fail Day!

Anyway I first attempted a half moon manicure. It looked totally cute and simple. After checking out a couple videos on youtube I became convinced it would be a piece of cake.

I used Color Club Revvolution and China Glaze LOL

How it Should Have Looked (From Marie Claire Magazine)

Yeah idk I used french tip guides on the base and I guess I should have put them higher or angled or something, cause it just looks like I didn't polish all the way down and there is no moon action going on. PlasmaSpeedo on youtube used Hole Reinforcements as the guide so maybe that would help get a more rounded moon and not a straight line like I did.

I love animal prints, I would say that my m57 Konad plate gets used the most (its the one that has a zebra and leopard print full nail designs) So I figured it couldn't be that hard to recreate these looks on my own. Wrong.

Does that Look Zebra? Ummmm, NO!

I don't even know it just looks crazy. My brother said that they looked like Bride of Frankenstein nails, why I don't know. I used Zoya Harley and Stripe Rite in Black. The Stripe Right brush was horrible it looked like an animal had chewed on it so I am partly blaming it for my fail.

Next up Leopard Print.

I think this is the only one that came out cute. It was also the design I thought was going to be the hardest leave it to me to fail on the easier ones and succeed on this one.

So today I reminded myself of why I love to Konad!

**I also clicked enter before I had typed anything so I posted a blank entry, my fail continues!


  1. Love the leopard print especially the bag you're holding.

  2. I love animal prints too! your nails are very beautiful! i loved your first picture!