Thursday, January 14, 2010

NOTD Peacock Feathers and Bows

Today's Nails!

I used Nubar Peacock Feathers as the base and China Glaze Millennium for the stamp. I used Konad plates m59 (polka dot bow) and m3 (little bow on pinky). I wish the sun was out cause Peacock Feathers looks seriously cool in sunlight.

Yesterday I went to Trade Secret and checked out the Alice in Wonderland collection and I have to admit I was a little disappointed. After seeing everyone's swatches I decided I was going to get Absolutely Alice and MaAH. The two reds are pretty but I am not really a red gal. Anyway I was a little disappointed by MaAH, it didn't look that pretty in the bottle, it looked mostly like just silver glitter. I only ended up buying Absolutely Alice, which is really gorgeous. Someone let me know if maybe the bottle of MaAH is deceiving and it really is amazing, so I can run back and get it!


  1. I'm wearing MaAH today and I think the bottle is deceiving. I'm looking at my nails right now under fluorescent light and seeing red, purple, orange, green and gold glitter on my nails... It's kind of fascinating to look at!

    Alice is my favorite, though. :)

  2. I guess I am making another trip to Trade Secret!

  3. I ordered mine from -- it's way cheaper there, but shipping is high so it's only really worth it if you're going to get 3-4 bottles. :)