Sunday, December 27, 2009


I love cherries! Seriously I have cherries on everything. My absolute favorite cherry item, is the blanket my grandma made me. It's totally adorable. When I go on vacation it is the first thing I pack. When I came home from college one Christmas I left it in my dorm and I was soo sad :(  Pics of my awesome blanket, one side is just a bunch of cherries and the other is cherries and polka dot bows.

So how does this all relate to nail polish, you ask.Check that out!!

(Ignore the mess, I was organizing)

I used e.l.f's pearl for the base ( I know I said I wouldn't use that brand anymore and now I definitely won't, I had the most difficult time with the application), the stem and leaf are China Glaze's Metallic Muse, and the Cherry is Maybelline's Robust Red.

I love them! I made this design using "fauxnad" plates. I bought these plates off ebay, they are knockoffs of the konad system. I bought them from ebay user ebeautyhouse. The set of six was $8.49 with free shipping. It did take about three weeks for me to receive them, they are shipped from Hong Kong, so maybe that's why.
I didn't have any problems using the plates with my Konad stamper, it worked just as well as the konad plates. The plates are in the shape of octagons so the corners are a little sharp, so be careful. Overall it's a pretty good price for that many images. Although I am not that crazy about all the images on the plates (I bought the set for Hello Kitty and the cherries). There are a lot of flowers and some butterflies and that really isn't my thing. I will probably try those designs on my mom, she loves that stuff. Also if anyone sees anything with cherries, let me know!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Polish

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! Mine was awesome, my amazing family has finally accepted my beauty obsession and I got lots of new makeup and nail polishes to play with.

So I got an early Christmas present from Fedex, my Rescue Beauty Lounge Polishes got here the morning of Christmas Eve. I got Recycle and Scrangie.

Recyle looks like the perfect green creme. I have Zoya's Envy and I was disappointed because it's too dark and it comes across as being black. Recycle looks a lot greener so hopefully that will eliminate the black/green issue.

Scrangie is an amazing Purple/Blue. I really don't think the picture does it any justice. Oops the bottle I am holding is not Scrangie, that's just a FrakenglitterPolish, My nails are painted Scrangie though.

My little brother gave me three polishes from China Glaze. I got Metallic Muse, Emerald Sparkle and Lubu Heels. They are all extremely gorgeous and I think Metallic Muse would be awesome to Konad with.

I also got three Nubar Polishes. Emerald ( I guess they noticed I wear a lot of green polish), Peacock Feathers and Orange Glitter. Peacock Feathers is amazing, its like a purple/green/blue duo chrome ( maybe triple chrome).

I am really excited about the orange glitter though, it is the perfect shade of burnt orange, I had been looking for this color for a long time.  Now I can totally rock a Longhorn manicure on Jan 7th when they play for the national title I can't wait

In my excited-ness I blurred the pic, oops.

So I am working on a Sparkly Confetti manicure for New Year's Eve, I will post pics and a Tutorial if I can get it to look the way I want. My room already looks like New Year's hit, there is glitter and foil confetti all over the place.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today's Nails

It felt like a purple kinda day.

Blurred to show the sparkle!

I used E.L.F.'s Royal Purple. It's this really pretty jewel-toned purple. It really does look gorgeous in the bottle. Unfortunately it took four coats to achieve the bottle look on my nails and it was still streaky. So I took my CND effects in Sapphire Sparkle and layered on two coats. The effects gave the nail polish a really cool blue/purple duochrome effect. I don't think I would purchase another e.l.f. polish just because of the issues I had with this one but I am glad I only paid a dollar for it.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My 1st and 2nd Konad Attempts!!

 After a few disastrous attempts at creating my own nail designs I gave in and purchased Konad. I have had my Konading tools about a week now.
      So here is my very first attempt, I used Essie's Mint Candy Apple from the 2009 Winter Collection as the base and just a regular black polish from Hot Topic.

My second try was a little something more low key. I used China Glaze's FYI from the OMG collection as a base and once again my black Hot Topic Polish. I actually got a lot of compliments on this design and I am happy with how it looks.

I love Konad!!!!. Its amazing and so easy to use. So many people thought I had them done in a salon and it made me feel all warm inside when I told them I did them myself. Even my nail polish disliking mother has asked me to do her nails. There is a downside the images do not come out perfectly everytime, I think a little practice is necessary. Also on my second attempt I think the fishnet looks more brown than black. I think maybe using the Konad special polish would give better results but I am a little hesitant about buying the polish. Maybe someone can let me know if the special polish is really necessary or if they found a good black that works just as well.

The Beginning

Hello All! I am staring up this blog because I got tired of my friends and family thinking my nail polish addiction was completely crazy. I plan to share my love of nail polish for those who are a bit more appreciative. I plan on posting swatches and reviews of products. I hope you guys have as much fun cheking this out as I am going to have making it!