Sunday, December 20, 2009

My 1st and 2nd Konad Attempts!!

 After a few disastrous attempts at creating my own nail designs I gave in and purchased Konad. I have had my Konading tools about a week now.
      So here is my very first attempt, I used Essie's Mint Candy Apple from the 2009 Winter Collection as the base and just a regular black polish from Hot Topic.

My second try was a little something more low key. I used China Glaze's FYI from the OMG collection as a base and once again my black Hot Topic Polish. I actually got a lot of compliments on this design and I am happy with how it looks.

I love Konad!!!!. Its amazing and so easy to use. So many people thought I had them done in a salon and it made me feel all warm inside when I told them I did them myself. Even my nail polish disliking mother has asked me to do her nails. There is a downside the images do not come out perfectly everytime, I think a little practice is necessary. Also on my second attempt I think the fishnet looks more brown than black. I think maybe using the Konad special polish would give better results but I am a little hesitant about buying the polish. Maybe someone can let me know if the special polish is really necessary or if they found a good black that works just as well.

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  1. I love the fishnet over the holo! beauty!
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