Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Polish

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! Mine was awesome, my amazing family has finally accepted my beauty obsession and I got lots of new makeup and nail polishes to play with.

So I got an early Christmas present from Fedex, my Rescue Beauty Lounge Polishes got here the morning of Christmas Eve. I got Recycle and Scrangie.

Recyle looks like the perfect green creme. I have Zoya's Envy and I was disappointed because it's too dark and it comes across as being black. Recycle looks a lot greener so hopefully that will eliminate the black/green issue.

Scrangie is an amazing Purple/Blue. I really don't think the picture does it any justice. Oops the bottle I am holding is not Scrangie, that's just a FrakenglitterPolish, My nails are painted Scrangie though.

My little brother gave me three polishes from China Glaze. I got Metallic Muse, Emerald Sparkle and Lubu Heels. They are all extremely gorgeous and I think Metallic Muse would be awesome to Konad with.

I also got three Nubar Polishes. Emerald ( I guess they noticed I wear a lot of green polish), Peacock Feathers and Orange Glitter. Peacock Feathers is amazing, its like a purple/green/blue duo chrome ( maybe triple chrome).

I am really excited about the orange glitter though, it is the perfect shade of burnt orange, I had been looking for this color for a long time.  Now I can totally rock a Longhorn manicure on Jan 7th when they play for the national title I can't wait

In my excited-ness I blurred the pic, oops.

So I am working on a Sparkly Confetti manicure for New Year's Eve, I will post pics and a Tutorial if I can get it to look the way I want. My room already looks like New Year's hit, there is glitter and foil confetti all over the place.

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