Sunday, December 27, 2009


I love cherries! Seriously I have cherries on everything. My absolute favorite cherry item, is the blanket my grandma made me. It's totally adorable. When I go on vacation it is the first thing I pack. When I came home from college one Christmas I left it in my dorm and I was soo sad :(  Pics of my awesome blanket, one side is just a bunch of cherries and the other is cherries and polka dot bows.

So how does this all relate to nail polish, you ask.Check that out!!

(Ignore the mess, I was organizing)

I used e.l.f's pearl for the base ( I know I said I wouldn't use that brand anymore and now I definitely won't, I had the most difficult time with the application), the stem and leaf are China Glaze's Metallic Muse, and the Cherry is Maybelline's Robust Red.

I love them! I made this design using "fauxnad" plates. I bought these plates off ebay, they are knockoffs of the konad system. I bought them from ebay user ebeautyhouse. The set of six was $8.49 with free shipping. It did take about three weeks for me to receive them, they are shipped from Hong Kong, so maybe that's why.
I didn't have any problems using the plates with my Konad stamper, it worked just as well as the konad plates. The plates are in the shape of octagons so the corners are a little sharp, so be careful. Overall it's a pretty good price for that many images. Although I am not that crazy about all the images on the plates (I bought the set for Hello Kitty and the cherries). There are a lot of flowers and some butterflies and that really isn't my thing. I will probably try those designs on my mom, she loves that stuff. Also if anyone sees anything with cherries, let me know!!

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