Monday, January 25, 2010

Eyeko Polishes

I recently was given a set of eyeko nail polishes. So since I was just sitting around today and it was a beautiful sunny day perfect for swatching I decided to try them out.

So here's what I got:

L-R: Indigo Polish, Purple Polish, Cosmic Polish, Nude Polish, Lilac Polish

Purple Polish (for electric nails) a really deep purple. I was expecting it to be neon for some reason but it is not. The color purple is definitely a pinkinsh purple, like maybe a rasberry color. I really like the color but the application was pretty tricky. The nail polish was really goopy and made a mess while I was putting it on. I think a couple drops of nail polish thinner would make it perfect though.

Lilac Polish (for lovely nails) a pretty spring color. Looking at it on my nails reminded me of Easter, why idk it just did. I really like this color. But like the purple polish the application was horrible, goopy and just difficult.

Nude Polish (for perfect nails). Let me say first I am not a huge fan of the whole mannequin hands trend and nude colors really just aren't my thing. I love this one, which really suprised me. The polish is a pink/peach color and just really pretty. Unlike the purple and lilac polish I had no issues with this one and I two coats was perfect.

The last two colors in my set were the ones I was least excited about don't get me wrong I love dark polish especially blue. I have tons of dark blue and black polishes which is why these didn't excite me, they looked pretty ordinary. Well I was totally wrong these the indigo and cosmic polish were totally awesome.

Indigo Polish, wow this one was just awesome. Its a dark navy blue with blue and green and purple shimmer in it. In the bottle its just kinda eh but on the nail awesome!! The picture does not do the polish justice.

Cosmic Polish for space age nails, black with rainbow colored glitter. Enough Said.

Overall I really like these. The packaging is totally cute. The bottle are small (.30 fl.oz) which is about double the size of an Essie mini. The colors are all pretty awesome. Even though I had trouble with some of the polishes consistency a few drops of nail polish thinner cleared that right up. You can get these from Eyeko Beauty , they are $5 each. The best part is that worldwide shipping is FREE. I love free shipping!!

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