Thursday, January 7, 2010

Green For Luck

I planned on leaving my burnt orange polish on until at least today but alas I failed. I did my nails Sunday night so I have been itching to change my polish since Tuesday. I tried to trick myself and put a matte top coat on, so I could pretend I had done a whole new manicure.

Nubar Orange Glitter w/China Glaze's Matte Magic

My trick did not work I remained unconvinced, so I changed my color this morning.

I was feeling green but could not make up my mind. So first I tried Rescue Beauty Lounge's Recycle, which is awesome and looked great in one coat but I wasn't sure it was the right color for today.


My next attempt was with China Glaze's Emerald Sparkle, but I think I was all glittered out cause it wasn't working for me.

Emerald Sparkle

Finally I tried Sally Hansen's Emerald City and it just felt right, whooo finally.

I felt a little like a traitor for taking off my burnt orange before the game. Then I thought green is for good luck. So I am wearing green to bring my team good luck. So yeah traitor feelings no more (I like lying to myself it makes me feel better).

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  1. LOVE both the orange and the green.
    Very pretty,