Friday, January 22, 2010

Funky Purple

YAY! So the internet is all fixed ,even though it took some arguing with the tech. because according to them nothing was wrong with the equipment. Yeah the lights on the router are just blinking on and off and turning red and yellow and the box is turning on and off to amuse me!  So one new router and lots of new nail polish later I have to catch up a little bit

So Today I will begin with my Mom's mani from a couple days ago.

My Mom is strictly not a nail gal so I was suprised she let me use such in her words "off colors" and a funky design. I used China Glaze LOL & 2030 (Stamping Color). The design is from Konad image plate M 65.

** Coming Soon!! is letting you order the new image plates already, I don't know when you would get them because it still says coming soon under the images!

*** Edit: ETA End of Feb 2010

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  1. Glad your internet is fixed! Love your mom's mani :)