Monday, February 8, 2010

Neutral Colors

Hello lovely fellow nail polish-ers!! Today I bring a really different look especially for me. So the context of this out of character mani is that I started a new job today and I didn't want to wear a really bright or funky color. I don't really own any neutral colors, actually that's a lie I have a ton of gray colors but I wanted something a little more natural looking.
A couple of the gals over on MUA were talking about OPI's Tickle my France-y being a pretty neutral, so I went out and it picked it up. When I first did my nails I was not liking the color but the longer I wear it the more I like it. Its a really pretty pink/brown muted color very subtle.

So it got me thinking that maybe I have been unfair to all those neutral shades, perhaps they deserve a second glance before I reach over them to grab a purple or green nail polish. Any recs for neutral polishes?
*Also I saw someone at my new job wearing a bright pink sparkly nail polish, so I think I will be able to wear pretty much any color I want.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pick Me Up

I am a little down in the dumps today :( The weather here is cold, gray, and rainy, and my mood is just generally no bueno. I decide to do a light spring mani to cheer me up a little.

Sorry the pics aren't that great. I used Claire's Dreamcatcher and Essie Van D'go. Its really pretty and extremely subtle for me and it did make me feel a lil' better. Oh I used the Roses from Konad plate m65